Our 5 Top Picks of Beach Wedding Gazebo Styles

Our 5 Top Picks of Beach Wedding Gazebo Styles!

Wedding planners frequently claim that the wedding theme chosen by a couple can reveal a lot about them. Your wedding theme is the ideal opportunity to make your special day a true reflection of you and your partner’s style, and it should represent your taste and incorporate elements that feel authentic to you. That’s why we always recommend taking the time to consider how you want to remember that day.

However, with so many options available in magazines and on the internet these days, picking the perfect wedding details and décor can be difficult. That’s where we come in as wedding planners! We have opened our wedding décor shop after many years of experience.

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Setup for a Rustic Fairy Tale

Some brides spend their entire lives fantasising about having their wedding look like it came straight out of a fairy-tale book. If you’ve had the same dream as me, we can make it come true! Consider saying your vows or performing your pheras beneath an elegant gazebo with a rustic wooden finish that is adorned from top to bottom with flowers and greens. Every time you look through your wedding album, this type of setup will transport you back in time and make you want to relive that magical feeling all over again!

Bamboo Arches with a Modern Twist
This simple yet romantic beach wedding ceremony setup embodies the commonly used phrase “less is more.” With more and more couples planning intimate beach weddings in Goa, bare bamboo wedding arches draped with light-tone fabrics and/or minimal floral arrangements in contrasting or complementing shades are taking over. Furthermore, we like this décor style because it emphasises the natural beauty of the location without relying too heavily on added elements.

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Bohemian Style

We adore the growing trend of young bridal couples incorporating classic design elements such as macramé and earthy neutral colours into their wedding backdrops for a timeless vintage look. Bohemian wedding décor allows couples and wedding decorators to explore our hidden artsy, creative sides while conceptualising unique styles for each individual wedding ceremony, whether western or Indian. You can even get creative with the shapes of the arches or gazebos to make it stand out!

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Bold, dramatic, and colourful!
While this is often perceived as the less desirable option, we have worked on a number of weddings where couples asked us to experiment with colours, pulling out all the stops and creating bold décor that would live on in the memories of their guests. As wedding planners in Goa, this type of setup appeals to us the most for a variety of reasons, including the ability to channel the adventurous side of our imaginations, experiment with unusual décor elements and colours, and strike the right balance between all of these factors.

All Floral

Flowers have always been a must-have decoration element for mandaps and wedding gazebos. So much so that many couples today opt for ‘all floral’ mandaps to make a statement. Although using a large number of blooms can be costly, the end result is an ethereal sight to behold, with the fragrance and beauty of fresh natural flowers revitalising our senses. We have a helpful and cost-effective tip for you: try using seasonal blooms and a lot of greens to keep your costs manageable.

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