Tree Decor Ideas to make Your Wedding Party Memorable

Tree Decor Ideas to make Your Wedding Party Memorable

When it comes to décor for outdoor weddings, trees are a natural addition to most venues and are a great way to get creative with your décor style. Depending on the kind of décor you choose, you can create customized vibes and ambiences for your wedding functions. They also make for such pretty backdrops and photo booths too. With the amount of options and ideas available across the internet today, you can choose from a whole lot of ideas that look fascinating and won’t cost you a fortune. We’ve rounded off some of the prettiest tree décor ideas that we love in addition to the classic flower décor –


Ribbon Streamers

Colorful ribbons hanging like streamers from trees offer a colourful and aesthetic touch to your décor and are a low-cost choice. When combined with fairy lights hung around the tree bark or branches, its basic elegance is amplified after the sun goes down. For a more customised touch, you may attach flowers or images of the couple to some of the loose ends.


Bird Cages

Metal birdcages are a one-of-a-kind and imaginative design feature that may offer a vintage touch to your wedding decor. These may be personalised in a variety of ways, based on the style of the event and even the schedule of the activity. During a day celebration, numerous types of flowers may be used, whilst for an evening function, candles or tea-lights for an elegant, melancholy effect or fairy lights for a brighter, starry vibe can be used.


Lamps and Lanterns

Moroccan-style lamps, a personal favourite, are becoming an increasingly popular décor feature that can be employed in a variety of ways at a venue. Although they are most typically used as table centrepieces or at entry signs, we love the concept of hanging them with lights or candles in them as tree décor for a classy, ethnic aesthetic. Aside from that, your guests will enjoy taking photographs with them. These are our personal favourites!

Classic Fairy lights

We normally identify fairy lights with festive occasions, such as Diwali or Christmas, which is why they always convey a pleasant and joyful vibe to any site where they are set up. Fairy lights, whether wrapped around tree bark or strung from tree branches, provide a gentler brightness that creates a lovely ambient lighting effect, as if you’re surrounded by glittering stars. Several wedding photographers use them because they provide amazing venue photographs.

Fabric Drapes

Draping fabric on a tree is a simple, low-cost option that can add a lot of elegance to your overall venue décor. Cloth curtains are a frequent décor feature in gazebos and mandaps, but they look incredibly lovely when incorporated into tree décor! These can be utilised as a more straightforward alternative to the modern wedding arch or even as a backdrop for a photo booth. White or pastel-hued curtains may be very simple and elegant, but colourful drapes can create a joyful and dynamic atmosphere. If the site has a centrally located majestic tree, you can even build a fabric canopy tent that looks brilliant and colourful during the day and grand at night when done up with fairy lights.


DIY Vases with flowers

Flower-decorated glass bottles or mason jars have been popular for a long time, and their beauty is the reason why this décor style hasn’t faded.



Speak with our wedding specialists for more ideas and inspirations on unusual tree decorations and DIY crafts you can integrate into your outdoor wedding décor. We’d be delighted to set up a Zoom call for a brief talk!

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