Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tired to answer many of the FAQs that we hear from our clients.

How many years have you been in business?

We have now completed 15 years of being in the wedding planning business and do consider ourselves to be one of the most experienced firms in this business.

Can you do weddings outside Goa?

Goa has kept us busy, but we are looking at expanding outside Goa as well. We have recently done a wedding in Coorg, a hill station famous for coffee plantations and another up-coming wedding destination we can say. We are now open to suggestions from couples for other destinations for the pre-wedding, wedding or post-wedding functions. Ask or our detailed catalog on how and what we can do for you in planning your destination wedding in another state or country besides Goa/India.

Do you have other offices?

We are based out of Panjim, Goa, and currently have a Sales outlet in Bangalore; however our representatives are happy to travel to your city for meetings. Ask for “Meet me in my City” details

What is the weather pattern in Goa like?

Goa features a tropical monsoon climate. From November to February, it experiences mild winter where the temperature may drop as low as 21 degrees Celsius. Days are still warm and sunny, but night parties are pleasant. March to May is the summer season where days are warm and sunny, but night parties can get warm. So we that the parties be held indoors or use of fans outdoors. June to September is the monsoon season and all functions need to be indoor or in a enclosed outdoor area. Goa looks best and green during that time of the year.

Wedding Related
How many weddings can you handle on a particular day?

We have the infrastructure and resources to handle more than one wedding a day, but we do not take more than one wedding on a given day.

Do you have pictures of your work to show us?

Over the years we have accumulated over 9000 images which can be viewed on our Facebook page and in the gallery section of our website. And we also have the privilege of an in-house creative designer who can draw new decor options for your wedding.

Do you have packages for the whole wedding?

Usually, the bride and groom have varying ideas and so we prefer having customized wedding packages.

Can you organize/suggest other vendors such as Photographers, Hair & Make up, Caterers etc.?

Yes we do suggest all the vendors such as Photographers, Hair & Make up, Caterers and many more, for which we have a catalog.

We are more than happy to share our ready catalogues for Hair Stylists and Photographer / Videographer  with you so that you can get in touch with them directly.

Have you done culture specific weddings (eg. Marwari/Sindhi)?

Yes, we undertake all types of weddings and have worked with a wide variety of clientele from Gujrathis, Marwaris, Sindhis, Punjabis, Marathis…you name it and we have done it all.

Do you have ready themes to show us?

Yes, we have various themes such as carnival, casino, Bollywood, Buddha Bar, Hawaiian, Moroccan etc. and are always open to new dream themes by couples.

Can you organize a DJ

Yes, we do have a few DJs who work with us on a regular basis and can share their link so you can hear their music and select your favourite.

Can we extend the time limit for an outdoor party past 10pm?

The government has a time limit uptil 10pm for music, but if the hotel agrees, we will be able to extend till 10:30pm at most. There after, you can carry on with the party, but without the music. Our suggestion is to either start early or plan for an indoor venue or move the after party indoors.

Process Related
Why do you need us to come to your studio for the first meeting?

At our studio, we can give you a better presentation with all our staff at work dealing with different responsibilities. Anybody can come with an iPad and give presentations, but would you not like to see the setup that you are dealing with over planning period or even to see that we operate as a company and not as individuals like most others that are more than happy not to show you their office space?

Will you provide us with transport to your office?

Yes, we will provide you with a pick up and drop from your hotel.

Can you come to our city for the meeting?

We usually communicate via Skype, phone calls and email with our outstation clients, so with the help of technology, it’s never been difficult to stay in touch with our clients for each and every detail. However, if our conveyance and accommodation is borne by the client, then we are open to visiting your city for the meeting.

Do you have your own setup or do you outsource?

We have everything in-house. However, if you need something different, we can always have it outsourced to professionals and vendors that we trust and have worked with in the past.

Will there be a coordinator for our wedding?

Yes, we will have one dedicated on-site coordinator who will solely be in-charge of your wedding. You will get to meet him/her at the final meeting and at the venue just before your wedding. Ask for details fact sheet on the services of the Wedding Coordinator and how you can get this service at no extra cost

How do I get Weddings N Dreams to start the process of planning our wedding?

Once we confirm the availability of your wedding date with us and your preferred venues/hotels, we will being to work with concepts & ideas for your wedding after the receipt of a retainer fee of Rs.1,00,000/- which is non-refundable and is adjustable against management fees.

Travel & Accommodation Related
Can you assist us with airline tickets?

Having been associated with tours for 20 years and weddings for more than 14 years, there is nothing that we cannot do that is related to weddings. From booking your tickets, to hotels and to decor; we can do it all.

Can you organize transport?

Usually, airport pickup and transfer is taken care of by the hotel, but if you want to book transport for venue hopping or for other guests, we can assist you with the same.

Can you organise accommodation for our guests?

If you are looking at Venues and accommodation for your whole wedding, we have a “Venue and Booking guidance Service” – Ask for details.

If you are looking only for assistance with a few rooms for yourself or your guests, we will be more than happy to assist you at no extra cost.

We also have a booking portal for the scenario where you would like your guests to pay for their own accommodation at the wedding venue, your guests can pay vide our very own portal.

Payment Related
Why do you charge a 15% fee?

Unlike other event planners, we do not charge you separately for transport and labor. This 15% fee takes care of our Event team transport, stay and meals for the coordinator and labour, food and miscellaneous. This amount also covers creatives and drawing as presented by our Graphic designer

Why do we need to pay the full amount in advance before the wedding?

We have followed this policy for for over 10 years.

In our pre- planning stages, you need to feel comfortable with us, and when you choose us, you must also trust us enough to plan the biggest day of your life till now.

Leave the money aside and believe that our team will deliver the best as always.

Is there a fee for a wedding on a beach?

Hotels either charge you a Fee for use of the beach infront of their property, this fee would include their service to you on the beach and the necessary Govt Fees. However, most hotel will ask you to procure this Govt licence through your Event company, and not charge you any fee nor will they provide service. Which means that the water station or Canapes will be served where their property ends and not on the beach. You will also need to consider that you will need to rent chairs etc for your Wedding.

Please check with us, and we will tell you which Hotels provide service on the beach and which do not.

We currently charge a service fee of Rs. 45,000/- which includes the fees payable to the Tourism Department and our services for application and filing all documentation and guarantees.

As on Dec 2016 this may be going up, as the new law to obtain and add on permission from the Coastal regulation committee has been added on. Hence this being new, we are not very sure now what this fee will be and what time and effort will be involved in procuring this.

Why do you pay PPL and IPRS licenses?

This is a music copyright license liable to be paid by the host of the function and for non-payment can be charged with criminal action by the police. Fees are collected by semi-government organizations.

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