Goa Wedding Cost | Destination Wedding Cost India

10 Jan Goa Wedding Cost | Destination Wedding Cost India

Rs. 27 lacs OR £34000 will be your approximate cost of a destination wedding in Goa for Couples that are planning 2 days of wedding functions.  Invite 80 to 100 guests, paying for all meals and functions along with about 10 to 20 rooms. This blog is to give you an idea on destination wedding cost in Goa, india

Goa Wedding Cost

Destination Wedding Cost in Goa , India for Season Oct 2020


Suggested Wedding Itinerary for a Destination Wedding in Goa:

Day 1

Time: 4 p.m  | Function: Mehndi and Sangeet Functions | Meal – Street Food and Buffet Dinner | Venue – Lawns

Day 2

Time:11 a.m | Function: Pooja Functions | Meal – Lunch | Venue – Small Indoor Board rooms

Time: 4 p.m | Function: Wedding | Meal – High Tea | Venue – Sea Side

Time: 6;30  p.m | Function: Reception | Meal – Dinner | Venue – Sea Side

Hotel Accommodation Goa:

Rooms at most decent 4 to 5 starred Hotels in Goa between the months of Oct to Apr are within the range of Rs. 12,000/- to Rs. 17,000/- per night per double on Bed and Breakfast (Exceptions to this are the premium 5 star Hotels such as the Leela – Goa, The Taj Exotica, ITC Grand, The Grand Hyatt, the Lalit etc which are a about 15%  to 25% more expensive)

Cost of a Goa Wedding Zuri

Meals for the Functions:

Most of the Goa hotels in the same star category have very similar meal rate structures and Buffet Service is the common thing here in Goa.  Table Service is more expensive and only one or two of the top end 5 star hotel have kitchens equipped to handle pre-plated service.

This is a sample of the menu structure that most hotels would include in their standard meal plan or in the All Meal Plan rates. For Add on Items on the menu, Veg or Non Veg, Live counters such as Pasta Counters, grill counters where your fish is fried live on a grill are all extra.

Buffet Menu Structure:

Salads x 3, Soup x 1, Main Course: Non Veg items x 2, Veg Items x 3,  Rice dish x1, Dhal x1 | Deserts x 3

Horderves in Goa hotels are usually not considered as a part if your standar meal plan and are an extra. My suggestion is to consider this for the evening functions and if budgets do not permit then at least for the last Dinner Event so that you can end your events on a high note.

Cost of Wedding Meals

Whilst paying for your Wedding guests, the cost of Lunch could range from ₹ 1000 to ₹  2500 per person, Dinner could be anywhere from ₹  2500/- to ₹ 4000 for the exact same menu at Lunch and items like prawns, lobsters, crabs and certain fish are not considered as a Non Vegetarian item as per the table above and will cost you more along with the hodouvers (90 mins pass around) , live counters etc.

High Tea

High Tea would be considered as an add on cost for your Goa Wedding and if you would like to keep your guests fed during your wedding functions you could consider to add on High Team at 11 am and again at 4 and / or combine these with your functions. Most suggested and I am sure would be appreciated would be at least a 4 p.m High Tea if your budget permits.  This High Tea which would usually include Tea / Coffee and 2 Hot snacks. This could vary from Hotel to Hotel at a price ranging from ₹ 850/ to ₹ 1000/- . Some hotels also have a lower price option for Tea / Coffee and cookies which could be a welcome inclusion just after your Sun Set Wedding is Over. 

Venue Fees

When one books a Hotel for Wedding functions whilst paying for the meals for each of your guests or even if you booked all your guests to stay at the Wedding Hotel and paid for rooms on an “All Meal Plan” please be aware that you are not automatically entitled to a venue. 

However in our negotiations we do our best to try and include smaller exclusive venues at a lower than asked price or at no extra charge. This is usually possible if you are hosting a lunch on its own with a function, which means no decor etc where we negotiate either an exclusive venue or at least a private section of the Hotels restaurant for our Guests.

Prices of Fees for Venues

Where we need to consider the venue fees in our “cost for a wedding in Goa” the prices below could be considered in your budget planning. The Venue fees at most 5 star Hotels, range from Rs. 50,000 for a small hall to Rs. 2,00,000 for prime sea side lawn. Most hotels in Goa do not offer  banquet service right on the beach and Govt Licences ranging from Rs. 25000/- for upwards would need to be procured over and above a fee that the Hotel may charge.

Soft and Alcoholic Beverages

Beverages is on actuals and most hotels have Bottle Banquet rates, which is cheaper then their per glass rate and about 40% more expensive than the retail bottle rate. Note: Premium Alcohol like Chivas or Black Label and Absolute is a lot more expensive in India as compared to duty free prices. So, my advise stick to the local brands.

This budget for soft and alcoholic beverages can vary drastically but I would keep a figure of 30% of Food bill.

Assumed Cost of Wedding Function Itinerary:

Day 1

Function Mehndi / Sangeet

Meal: Dinner

Rs. 3500 per person (Mid range) x 100 = Rs. 3,50,000/-

Venue Fee – 50,000

Sangeet Goa Wedding Function

Day 2


Function – Haldi / Other Pooja Functions

Meal : Lunch

Rs. 1800 per person (Mid range) x 100 = Rs. 1,80,000/-

Venue Fee – 50,000

Function –  Sun Set Wedding

Meal: High Tea

Rs. 1000/  per person (Mid Range) x 100 guests = Rs. 1,00,000/-

Sea side Lawn Venue Fee – 1,50,000

Function – Goa Wedding Reception

Meal: Dinner

Rs.4000 per person (above Mid range) x 100 = Rs. 400,000/-

Sea side Lawn Venue Fee – if using the same venue – N/A

Day 3

Check out


Day 1 – ₹ 4,00,000+ Day 2 – ₹  8,80,000 = Total for Meals and Venue Fees – ₹  12,80,000/- + Beverage budget – ₹  3,50,000= Sub Total – ₹16,30,000

Add: (Rooms at an approx of Rs. 15,000 per room per night x 10 rooms x 2 nights)  ₹  3,00,000

The total so far is now ₹ 19,30,000/-

The price ranges are mid ranges, where most of our Goa Weddings are booked in about this range. Higher category hotels and lower category hotels in Goa are obviously available. Details can be explained in a Chat with us.

I do hope that so far this has been informative?

Cost of Goa Wedding Extra’s

Decor / Entertainment, Photographers and the rest that you would need to spend on your Wedding

This can range from Rs. 4 lacs for 2 days for simple stuff, and a decent mid size budget is Rs. 6 lacs to about 15/17 lacs for 2 days.

For a lavish spread – Well the sky is the limit for a Big Fat Indian Wedding, and if you were planning one of those Big Fat Weddings , I don’t presume that you would be reading through this Blog on costs, so lets keep it grounded.

Wedding Planner in Goa

Considering a mid size budget of Rs. 8 lacs for the others (i.e decor etc) , this now brings your Grand Total of your Destination Wedding Cost in Goa, India to approximately is ₹27,30,000 / £34,000

As I had said earlier, this is a mid size budget and the above prices are only meant to be indicative for you to get a general idea, but through our experience this is what most Weddings in the last year in this middle category will come to. This can go up for better options, and can also go down for hotels in a 3 to 4 star category.

If you are keen to chat with us and get some more details on a Goa Wedding cost, please do feel free to contact us we will get back to you to pre-schedule a date and time for a chat.

I thank you in advance for considering us.

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