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Listing of services offered by us

  • Pre-Wedding Services

    • Budget planning & matching budgets with pricing
    • Venue/Guest accommodation shortlisting & finalizing
    • Ceremony & functions planning
    • Theme & colour planning for each of the functions
    • Wedding decor/design planning
    • Function-wise checklist & timelines for follow ups
    • Trousseau planning
    • Guest List Coordination
    • Save the date designs and emails
    • Complete line of customized wedding & ceremonies invitations
    • Ceremony-wise menu planning

  • Services During The Wedding

    • Guest arrival & departure coordination
    • Hospitality helpdesk
    • Sight seeing or special guest activity planning
    • Menu cards, place cards, table plans and gift & give away packaging and delivery coordination
    • Choreographer, Photographer, Mehendi, Salon assistance
    • Decor coordination
    • Coordinate all aspects of timings, deliveries, set-up, tear-down and rehearsal coordination

Wedding Planning

Our primary job is to be a one-stop-shop for your wedding

As any couple knows, planning a wedding can be tedious and time consuming work. It requires you to think through and manage every little detail which can stress you out before the big day.

Well then, we believe that hiring a wedding planner is the best wedding gift you can give yourself!

The most important job of a wedding planner is to keep the bride and groom and their families stress free and help the bride or the groom plan the wedding to suit their taste. Wedding planners are no longer just for couples with huge budget; they have become very common today for many brides and grooms, who find their services well worth the amount they have planned to give away for the service rendered.

A wedding planner can help you gather & reassess your ideas, connect you to the appropriate vendors, advise you on local laws and customs, and suggest ways to use your budget wisely. And finally helps in orchestrating the wedding events in a timely and proper sequence without anything to worry about on the big day.

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Wedding Decoration

Our creative team can put up wonderful decorations

Wedding planning can be a daunting task! With the decorations, music, catering service, cars and ceremony settings to organize, it is common for finer details to be neglected.

More and more couples are seeking professional advice from wedding decorators for the perfect wedding theme on the special day of their life.

And is also an easy way to get everything perfectly done on the big day of your life.  Our professional services can be of use to get the perfect wedding themes for large weddings which require a great deal of decorative touches to tie it together through to smaller weddings which need optimal utilization creating the perfect day while staying within the budget.  Be sure to see our photo gallery to have a look at the various wedding themes crafted by Weddings N Dreams in the past.

Destination Wedding

We can deliver a memorable destination wedding

A Destination wedding gives the couple the opportunity to choose a site that has a special meaning for them such as a favorite country side wedding, a beach wedding or even a palace wedding.

The best way to have a perfect and hassle free destination wedding is to hire a wedding planner from the region that the couple is specifically eyeing to have the wedding in, since they know their way around town and what to recommend for the wedding ceremony and for the reception.

We at Weddings N Dreams have 14+ years of wedding planning and coordinating service providing experience across different venues and cultures.  When deciding to have a destination wedding, try not to finalize a date first. Make sure about your travel arrangements for you and your guests, and then choose the date for the wedding ceremony and receptions. Sometimes the date you have your heart set on may not be available for that venue, therefore it’s advisable that you contact us well in advance.

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Hotels & Wedding Venues

We can assist in the critical decision of picking a venue & hotel

Soon after couples get engaged they not only are poured by a rain of wishes but also a very common question as to where and when the wedding will take place. Though you might suppress the query with some cooked-up excuses at that time but inside of one’s self also runs the same question every moment after that every day.

Well, once the dates are being fixed for the wedding and wedding reception, undoubtedly, the first and most important thing to do is to secure a wedding venue.

If you are planning on a destination wedding,  you would probably like to have all your pre-wedding events such as Mehendi, Sangeet and parties, spread across different days at same the hotel you stay in. Thereby making it convenient for everyone including yourself. Finding the right hotel to suit  your needs might be challenging as each hotel offers something different. Thankfully, as we have been closely associated with the hotel and travel industry, we can help you find the right hotel and assist you in drawing up the contract with the hotel.

No matter what your wedding budget is or you guest list size is. Be it peak wedding season or a wedding during the beautiful monsoon season, we at Weddings N Dreams with 14+ years of successful wedding planning and coordinating services are an ideal partner for you. We have a plethora of wedding venue options across the globe ranging from glitzy five star venues to beautiful beaches to heritage properties that can serve as wedding venues.

Floral Decorations

We can make any space look beautiful with our flower decorations

Wedding flowers are one of the most common features at a wedding. They not only scatter color, scent and create a beautiful ambiance but also symbolize life, prosperity, growth and rebirth. They express your personal style.

Believe it or not, flower decoration is a very delicate task on the big day which requires professional touch and expertise to make it the best you can get.

But finding the right flower of the choice when you plan your wedding in a special destination could be a difficult job at hand. This is where an experienced wedding planner can come handy.  With our robust network of vendors for the purpose we make sure that our clients can sit back, relax and admire the beautiful and creative floral decorations being set up to make it a wow moment for everyone.

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Wedding Photography

We can suggest talented wedding photographers

One of the most exciting activities for couples after their wedding is to see great wedding photographs and wedding videos that captured their wedding day moments.

Wedding photos and the videos are what are left when everything else has been rolled up and put away.

These will be watched and cherished and shared with friends and family over the years to come. You will be heartbroken if they are not as what you expected! It is very important to get a talented professional wedding photographer & videographer for this task. Although it can be difficult to get a quality professional photographer during the peak wedding seasons we at Weddings N Dreams with our established network of photographers can help you get the best team for the job that can capture your cherished moments.

Wedding Catering

We know many excellent caterers

Themed decorations, soothing music, beautiful venue setting etc. will all add to the ambiance of the wedding reception as a whole. However, no wedding reception would be complete without a scrumptious wedding meal spread. And to make your reception highly successful, you need to ensure that you’re wedding catering service is the best in the business.  Wedding catering can almost make or break your wedding and in some cases could carve the way you are treated for the rest of your married life.

How many years even after you wedding do you want to be reminded that the food at your reception was a terrible?

Your catering on the big day is an important decision – our 14+ years of experience in providing the clients with the best catering service ensures that you not only get a spread of your choice for your guests but also a well trained catering team for excellent service.

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