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Design and décor is a service package offered by Weddings N Dreams  that focuses on creating a cohesive and beautiful aesthetic for the wedding day. This service is ideal for couples who want to make a statement with their wedding design and décor, or who simply want to ensure that their wedding looks stunning and memorable. Here is an overview of what is included in a design and décor package:

  • Initial consultation:

We will meet with the couple to discuss their vision for the wedding design and décor. This may include discussing the couple’s preferred color scheme, style, and overall aesthetic.

  • Design concept development:

Based on the couple’s preferences, we will develop a comprehensive design concept for the wedding. This may include selecting floral arrangements, lighting, linens, and other decorative elements that will create a cohesive look and feel for the wedding.

  • Vendor selection:

We will work with vendors to select and coordinate the design and décor elements for the wedding. This may include hiring a florist, lighting designer, rental company, and other vendors who will provide the necessary elements to bring the design concept to life.

  • Wedding design and décor setup:

On the wedding day itself, we will oversee the setup of all design and décor elements, ensuring that they are arranged and installed according to the agreed-upon plan.

  • Problem-solving:

Inevitably, there may be unexpected issues that arise with the design and décor on the wedding day. We will be on hand to resolve any problems that arise, ensuring that the wedding design and décor looks as stunning as possible.

Design and décor is an essential service for couples who want to create a beautiful and memorable wedding experience. By working with Weddings N Dreams to develop a cohesive design concept, select the right vendors, and oversee the setup of all design and décor elements, you, the couple can ensure that your wedding looks stunning and reflects their personal style and preferences.

Our pricing depends on the number of days of functions, how many guest you propose to host, which season your wedding is in, the work involved and the number of Coordinators that may needed.

Our Fee  STARTS at ₹50,0000/-

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