Your Guide to Pre Wedding shoots

15 May Your Guide to Pre Wedding shoots

The Millennials who marry in the late 20s or early 30s these days have a clear cut idea about their wedding unlike the previous generation.  Every couple looks forward to making their wedding unique and unconventional.  Among the new customs of a wedding, the pre-wedding shoot has become mandatory.  However they are an extravagant affair.  Couples should have a private photo shoot sharing their emotions without the constraints of the wedding day hassles.  Here’s your guide to Pre Wedding Shoots.

Couples have to be very particular about choosing the perfect location for their pre-wedding shoot. Some couples choose Odd landscapes, others go for an indoor shoot.  Pre-wedding pictures are meant to talk about the couple; their personality, their interests, their story.  We recommend choosing the pre-wedding shoot location according to the time and budget you have.

Here are a few locations we have come across lately. We hope that these will help you figure out what type of couple you are and what location suits you for your shoot.

Popular landmarks

The Seven Wonders of the World, historic landmarks, popular attractions, beautiful palaces, are just some options for a remarkable pre-wedding shoot.  If you are fond of such attractions, then they are a definite option.

Why go someplace else when you have a wonder in your own country?  Taj Mahal is known for love and is one of the most popular destinations to opt when doing a pre wedding shoot.

Photoshoot at Tajmahal

Cliff-tops, hills, and mountains

If you are a couple who love adventures, then check out for hilltops or clifftops or mountains. The vast stretches of the Himalayas, or Sahyadri, or even the Western Ghats will look astonishing in your pre-wedding shoot images.

Photoshoot at clif top

Resorts nearby

In case you have only a limited time for a pre-wedding shoot, we suggest you should book a premium resort nearby. With a contemporary or traditional architectural appeal of the resort, your pre-wedding shots can be made extraordinary.

Photoshoot at resort

Beaches, lakes, rivers, waterfalls

A sunset or sunrise on any beach, or a shoot near a lake, or a gushing waterfall  adds a different beauty to your pre-wedding shoot.  Calm romantic surrounding enhances the overall charisma of your photos.

Tourist destinations

If you are ready to travel abroad to popular tourist destinations, it would give you a unique pre-wedding shoot experience. Thailand, Paris, Singapore, Bali, Switzerland, Dubai, etc. are some of the best locations where couples gofor a pre-wedding shoot.

Gyms, cafe, and indoor

Great pre-wedding images are created indoor as well. Couple can choose a place that best describes them as a couple.  It can be a nice cafe with an impressive ambience or a gym or even your home.  All that matters is the way you pose and the way the photographer creates magic out of the settings provided.

Here, we have talked about a few of the pre-wedding shoot locations couples tend to choose.  Refer to many wedding photography websites like for more pre-wedding shoot location ideas.

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