When to send invites for Destination Wedding

Ideas for destination Wedding invite

14 Aug When to send invites for Destination Wedding

In the case of a destination wedding, typically it’s a smaller affair with close friends and family. One of the parts of planning a wedding can be knowing exactly when to let friends and family know about your upcoming Wedding. Too far in advance might call up some eye rolls and forgotten invitations—while too close to your event might not leave guests enough time to prepare.  Below are some tips when to send invites for destination Weddings

Enough Time

Everyone seems to be getting busier and busier these days and you want to give everyone time to clear their calendar, especially for overseas guests or for a destination wedding. If you think lots of people are going to need to book annual leave and accommodation to attend your wedding, don’t leave it too late.

Some people might need longer time to prepare, we highly recommend you consider a save the date as well. Or that you take the time to let them all know the details informally ahead of time.

Save the Dates

If you’re having a destination wedding and asking guests to travel, it’s understandable that some of your guests will need time to save up for their flights and other expenses. Don’t assume that everyone has cash on hand. A save the date will come in handy to give your loved ones a heads up to start putting money away for your wedding.


I suggest sending the Save the Dates  8-10 months in advance to ensure you give travelling guests plenty of time to book their hotel room and airfare. A save the date should be short and straight to the point. It doesn’t need much more than your names, the destination you are getting married in and the date. You could also include; formal invite to follow.

save the date ideas

Wedding Invite

If you have send the Save the dates earlier, normally 3 months before the big day is a good time to aim.  Remember, wedding invitations are a two-way street: they require a response. The closer you cut it to your actual wedding date, the less time you’ll have to collect RSVPs, build a seating chart, etc.

When do you send invitations out if there was no save the date?.  If  possible, we recommend that destination wedding invites be sent 8-10 months ahead of time. This gives your guests enough time to make all their travel arrangements.  The arrival of the formal invitation is when most people will make their plans, book their leave, and buy a dress/suit.  It’s only fair to your loved ones to give them plenty of notice.

Mailing Invites

So if you’re deciding when to mail out your invitations, think about how much time you would need to get ready if you were a guest.  Also since destination weddings often involve multiple events it would be better to mention pre-wedding events in the invite.  It will let your guests know that the festivities begin before the wedding day itself so they can plan accordingly.

Wedding invite after save the date

Personal Website

Personal websites are becoming increasingly popular and common, especially for destination weddings.  It’s probably the best way to communicate all the details. You should aim to have your personal website set up as soon as you have confirmed your venue and date.  Even if you don’t have all the details yet, the date and location are enough to get started with RSVPs.  You can always update the site on a regular basis once you start confirming additional details.

With a formal invite, the emphasis should be on the invitation itself. List your wedding URL in the invite and update all travel information online.  Include places to stay, group-hotel rates, maps and airport information.

Personal website ideas

Delivering by Hand

If you are hand delivering your wedding invitations after sending save the date, we recommend your invites are out 4-6 weeks before your big day. Start the process of handing out or hand-delivering invites with enough time to get them all out.

For a Destination wedding it is advisable to give your guests advance notice. I would strongly advise sending a save the date prior to sending your wedding Invite.  As your guests will need to travel abroad the more notice they are given the greater the likelihood they will be able to attend your wedding.  Amongst other things, it may allow them to plan holidays around your wedding or take a mini break. It will also help to ensure they get the best deals on flights and accommodation.

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