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09 Jul Wedding – Small touches for Guest comfort

When planning your wedding, you of course want to make sure with your Wedding Planner that every little detail is perfect for your special day. However, in the midst of planning, it is important to remember to incorporate ways to make your friends and family feel comfortable at your wedding. Consider these small touches to increase guest comfort at your wedding!


Your Guests would appreciate being greeted with something special, showing them how much you appreciate them coming to your wedding. A small welcome bag with a few snacks, drinks and something special like a box of chocolates with a personalized card for them can impress your guests. There’s nothing better than sending your guests home with a little goodie hamper. Give them something that will remind them of your wedding. A small hamper or a little goodie bag with personalized gifts. A simple “Thank you for coming” note can covey a heartfelt appreciation for their presence.

Hamper for Wedding


If the guests are accommodated at the same hotel you would be staying and functions’ happening it is fine.  If not, choose hotels close to your ceremony site for minimal transportation time, hotels close to historic sites for sight-seeing or hotels near the best restaurants. This helps your guests with minimal worry as to where to stay. Put this information on your wedding website for easy access too.

Timing is everything 

Work with your venue and your Wedding planner to make sure that you use your time as accurately as possible so there are no large gaps of time between the ceremony and the reception. If you plan to have an extremely long gap make sure that your guests are well fed and hydrated during this time.  Provide your guests with clear directions on where to go and when so everything stays according to the timeline.

Outdoor Wedding

If you are getting married outdoor / beach side venue in Goa, there are some things that you should consider doing to make your guests feel more comfortable. One idea is to have a “Welcome!” station with drinks or just have an area where your guests can refill their drinks during your ceremony and/or reception.

Beach weddings in Goa provide a beautiful sea view and fun atmosphere, but they also bring the potential heat in any season.  In this case, one easy way to beat the heat is to have a shade for the guest seating and provide fans for your guests. You can even cut down on cost by designing your wedding program to double as a fan!  One can also consider providing a basket full of parasols to ensure that guests are protected from the hot sun. You can’t take away from the heat, but you can make it a little more bearable. These are small touches that your guests will love and appreciate.

Kids Table

Guest Activities

For those who plan to allow children to be present at their wedding, adding some fun activities for the little children is a great idea – at last the women can unwind, loosen up and have some fun of their own!  A kiddie craft table is a popular trend. One idea is to provide an activity book or colouring pages for the children at their seats.   It is natural that not all your guests know each other, to make your wedding more fun and interactive, ice breaker games can be played. Ice-breaking games are sure to create great memories for your wedding guests

 Food and Drink

This is one of the biggest elements of a wedding, but creating the right menu can be challenging for some people. You may have people at your wedding with dieting restrictions like vegetarian or vegan or suffer from serious food allergies. To accommodate everyone it is best to create a menu with various options.

Tips for Reception

One way to try and ensure your guests have a great time at your reception is to ask them questions about dietary restrictions on the RSVP card. Another piece of information that you can include on the RSVP card are song requests. By allowing guests to have a say in the songs that are played by the DJ, they will be more likely to dance and have a good time. Providing flip flops near the dance floor or at the reception is another inexpensive way to increase guest comfort during your day, especially after several hours in heels or uncomfortable shoes.

Dancing shoes

Have your DJ play songs that all ages love! They don’t have to be playing the whole night, but these are usually the song that gets the most people out on the dance floor!

Most important, If you have a lot of elderly guests at your wedding, consider planning the toasts, cake cutting, and first dances earlier in the evening so that they can be a part of it! As generally they don’t stay as late as other guests.

Comfortable seating

One of the most important aspects of guest comfort is the seating. Your friends and family deserve a comfortable place to spend the evening. In the midst of all of the dancing and mingling, your guests will likely return back to their seat to rest and eat between songs. This means that you should ensure you have enough seats for your selected number of guests. Choose seating that is comfortable for both elderly and young invitees. The top secret about this is that if you choose the right chairs, you can double the décor for your wedding venue too. . Mix in lounge furniture so that your guests can have an alternative seating option during the event.

Make sure that your guests are able to sit with people they are familiar with or with guests that you know they have something in common with, such as a job, or a hobby, or a mutual friend, etc.

Your wedding day is the most special day in your life. It is in your hands to make it special for all your guests as well. We know it’s your big day, but you invited the people that love you to spend the day with you! Show them that you love them, too! The trick to this memorable experience is these tiny little details focused on the comfort of your guests. There are endless small touches you can provide your guests throughout your wedding day to improve their overall experience. These are just a few.

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