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11 May Wedding Entry Ideas

With time,  weddings have only become more extravagant with different Wedding entry ideas. The couple entry being the main focus amongst other rituals. This has given way to the need of making some parts of the wedding extremely fascinating and exotic. The entrance being the most in demand. Bride and groom entry to the venue is the most awaited time of a Wedding. That’s the moment when both the bride and groom have the maximum fun and the guests also enjoy it to the fullest.   Nowadays along with the different Wedding entry ideas we also have a entry song for most of bridal entries.

Thinking of how to enter your Wedding Venue? Here are some Wedding Entry ideas to make these moments fun-filled and memorable for you and your guests :

#1 Flower Cycle Rickshaw

We’ve all seen these brightly decorated rickshaws being used as photo booth these days. The same Rickshaw can be used for bridal entry.  The swag entry of the bride on the Cycle rickshaw which the brother or friend of the bride can ride.  The bride wearing black goggles stand and dance at the back on a song.  Black goggles will also add a swag to your entry. So the best song could either be “swag se swagat” or “ban ja tu meri rani”(the black goggle connection) or “kala- chasma” (the popular one) etc.  Black goggles will also add swag to your entry

#2 Tuk Tuk (Auto-Rickshaw)

Make your entrance unique and one to remember. For an entry during the day, enter  in absolute style in a brightly painted rickshaw also known as a Tuk Tuk decorated with flowers. It is super fun and very unconventional to enter your wedding venue in an auto rickshaw. obviously, it will make your guests laugh out loud and it will give your candid moments to capture.

#3 Vroom on a Bike!

Make a dashing entry at your wedding venue on a bikeEnter the venue on a bike and see your groom and guests in surprise! Because, why should boys have all the fun?  So this concept has taken a wider change by making the bride entry with the cool gorgeous unique look. The bike could be decorated with lots of flowers and a quirky text board.  So, if you know how to ride a bike, get on a colourful Vespa or a vintage Bajaj scooter for the most beautiful ride of your life!

Everyone here is a bullet lover. This is another great Wedding entry idea. The Groom along with 4 to 5 Groomsmen makes the Baraat dashing entry on Bullets.

#4 Entry on an ATV

Make a cool entry with this out of the box wedding entry idea – imagine, a beautifully decorated ATV for your special entry with your close knit friends, which can be later parked around inside the venue as a Photo booth!

How glamorous is a outdoor wedding entry on a well decorated ATV – bride, groom & their besties all entering together.

#5 Gallop in on Horse

It is every girl’s dream that her Prince Charming comes riding in on a horse and the most traditional entry in Indian Weddings. As a matter of fact, the major fun part is the baraat when the groom enters the wedding venue on a Ghodi in style  with loud music, dance, and masti along with Dhol Players and Band baja, especially in specially north Indian Weddings.  And we believe that it won’t go out of trend- be it in any generation.

A White Wedding Horse is a great way for a groom to start his procession in Indian weddings.

#6 Horse Carriage

A more classic touch to the horseback entry is a horse cart entry! There is simply something magical about a horse and carriage. It might be because it’s something that you don’t see every day. Whatever your reason, adding a horse carriage rental to your wedding is classy and Royal.  The royal chariot entry will definitely make you feel like the king of the world.

The bride can make it a fairy tale entry by keeping the theme of Cinderella using a Pumpkin top carriage. It is out of the ordinary and draws a lot of attention.

#7 Go Vintage!

Vintage cars have a classic charm which never fails to make a statement.  The vintage car entry is the right choice for any groom who wants his guests to remember his stylish entry till the end of the time. It makes a royal and an impactful entry on your wedding day.

If you believe ‘Old is Gold’ – choose an old world Rolls Royce to arrive in classic style.

#8 Shaandar Phoolon ki Chaadar

When we talk about bridal entry ideas, the first thing that pops up into our head is a bride all dressed in her bridal lehenga walking down the aisle under the Flower chaadar.  This is the most popular and traditional entry for all brides especially for all the North Indian brides!

To make it a swag the bride could enter under a pretty lace umbrella decorated with Flowers which is hold by her brother / friend / uncle and the entire bridal party holding up a paper umbrellas / parasols…

#9 Traditional and Beautiful Doli

Another way of turning all eyeballs towards the bride is to make her sit in a beautifully embellished Doli, while entering the wedding venue. Her brothers can carry their darling sister in the Doli / Palki when she enters the new phase of her life. Let this bridal entry be the reason why some of your guests fight over to get a glance of you. And trust us they will!

#10 Sail on

This one of the groom entry ideas best suited if you have a destination wedding with water bodies, Beach wedding or lakeside Wedding Venue where you can go boating in. Just imagine arriving to a romantic, soothing music to marry the love of your life.

If you’re looking at an exclusive entry, imagine pulling off a romantic bride entry on a boat while the world looks on.

Just like sparklers, one can use colour Flares in their wedding entrance. This can be combined with an auto rickshaw entrance or a vehicle style entrance or any other style in one wants. Otherwise simply using it will add colours to your entrance. This style of entry will be very catchy to eyes as the colours in those bombs are vibrant. Just like colour bombs both bride and groom will add colours to each other life by agreeing to stay together forever with each other even in the hard times.

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