Wedding Day Make UP

19 Jun Wedding Day Make UP

Bridal makeup plays a huge role in giving you the wedding look of your dreams. Your wedding day is one day where nothing less than perfection can come to pass. The long-awaited hopes, dreams, and fantasies coming to life, it is easy to get hot and bothered over tiny details that might or might not occur, to fuss over plans and venues, and what not. But your Wedding Day Make up too needs to be perfect which will make you look your absolute best is as this is to be the most photographed day of your life.

wedding day makeup

Presumably, you planned with your Wedding Planner the decor, planned what your dress or suit will look like based on the weather. Similarly, you should consider the weather in your plan of how much makeup you’re going to wear and what it will be.  Though you might be hiring a professional to do your makeup, following points for your Wedding day make up will come handy on your special day.

Start Early with Skin care

“Drink three litres of water a day for at least two weeks before your wedding and you will notice a vast improvement. Skin will glow from within and you will also see a big difference to the appearance of fine lines and pores.”

Have your trial 3-5 weeks before your wedding

‘Make sure you have your trial at least three weeks, but no more than 5 weeks, before your wedding.


If you will be embracing bold and bright makeup for your wedding, it is very important that you cleanse your skin first. Cleansing well will ensure that there is no trace of oil and dirt on your face, which will make your makeup last longer.

On the Wedding Day, after cleansing your face, use some ice to close the pores so that you don’t perspire and the makeup does not run out.

Pick the right moisturiser

The best way to start your make-up is with a fresh and moisturised face, and it’s important to pick the right one for your skin type as well as the occasion. If you have slightly oily skin your moisturiser should ideally be a light, liquid moisturiser and for dry skin go for something rich and soothing. This will prevent foundation clinging to dry patches of skin and control oil flow. It is important to use a moisturiser suitable for your skin type.

The skin around your eyes is fragile and sensitive, so needs a separate moisturiser to rest of your face.

Base with a primer

Use a primer 5 minutes after moisturizing, and blend it well. Primer helps to create a more flawless looking canvas on the skin for your makeup.  It can help to conceal blemishes and inconsistencies in the skin. Using a primer prolongs your makeup, fills in visible pores and fine lines, corrects uneven skin tone and controls oil flow.


Top tip: Gently buff the leftover foundation on your brush into your ears, neck and for a consistent colour

Use of Primer

Right Colour Foundation

It is best to wait at least 5 minutes to apply your foundation after using a primer so that it has time to absorb into the skin. This will help to keep your concealer and foundation intact, and keeps the makeup in place for long hours.

Apply a light-wearing foundation. If you practised applying your makeup earlier, you’ll know for sure you have the right color for your skin, dress and accessories. Apply a foundation that does not have SPF in it and blend it well with a makeup brush or a sponge. Start from the center of the face, apply the foundation on other areas of the face and blend it outwards. A matte finish foundation would be a good option as well. A foundation with SPF will give your face an undesirable ‘flashy’ effect in photographs, so it’s better to avoid it.

Use of Concealer


Concealer will help you to look well rested, and also helps to cover any imperfections and redness in the skin. Liquid concealer is best for the times you want light coverage over a large area of your face. Liquid concealer also works well for those looking to create a light finish, especially in areas of wrinkles, like around the eyes and mouth. Stick and compact concealers are well-suited for heavier coverage on smaller, more specific areas of the face.

Foundation Powder

Set your makeup with a dusting of face powder and finish using a large, fluffy powder brush, begin by dusting a light coat of powder all over your face. Press the bristles into the powder, then sweep across the skin in long, arching strokes.

If there are certain areas of your skin that need more coverage (the red and oily parts of your face are generally found in the center), you may want to apply a bit more powder. For this step, place your brush into the powder then firmly press it into the skin; this step helps the powder make its way into pores and lines for a smoother texture.

Protect against teary eyes

Both your eyeliner and your mascara should be waterproof if you are looking to avoid smudging on the day, especially if you expect to shed few happy tears..


When it comes to liners during the day, the rule is to avoid bold, long or thick lines. Try to keep it simple with a thin line.  You can start thin at the inner corner of your eye, and then make the application thicker towards the outer corner If you still want something more outstanding, you can go for shades like blue or green

Wedding Day Eye Make up

Eyeshadow and Kajal

To light up your eyes use a neutral eyeshadow shade. Indian brides love golden eye makeup since it goes well with the red, fuchsia, or green lehengas, ghagras, and heavy sarees. So, if you want to play it safe, gold is the color to go with. For brides who would rather not use a shadow, you can use face powder for a uniform effect.

Kajal is applied along the edges of your eye. If you want to brighten your eyes, you can also apply an off-white pencil along the inside of the lower lid. Finish with a coat of waterproof mascara, let it dry and apply a second coat.


Perfect lips start with moisturised lips. In the days before you’re wedding be sure to use lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and to avoid dried, cracked lips. On your wedding day, start with a coat of lip balm followed by a lip liner to outline your lips. Apply a matte colour designed for long-lasting wear so you don’t have to worry about re-applying in the middle of festivities

Tips : If you have thin or small lips, then line your lips along the natural line with a shade that almost matches your normal skin tone. For plump lips, line the natural lip line with a darker shade. Wear a lipstick that goes with the whole look.

The most important rule is to explain your needs to the professional artist so that you get the look you want on the Day. Always take up a trial session with the makeup artist before your wedding day, so that you can tweak the look as per your likes and dislikes. Another thing to keep in mind is that moderation is the key, the aim is to emphasise your best features and look gorgeous, so keep your makeup moderate and do not overdo it.

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