Ways to incorporate flowers in your Wedding

Flowers for Wedding

09 Sep Ways to incorporate flowers in your Wedding

Weddings are special moments for couples and the guests they invite to share their happiness on their big days.  A guaranteed, breath-taking way to add to the beauty of your wedding is to add fresh flowers. Flowers have a special place at weddings due to their characteristics – they are aromatic, delicate, peaceful and full of life. I have put down ways to incorporate flowers in your Wedding.

Flowers add to the beauty, scent, and color on your most special day. They take your wedding theme and aesthetic a notch higher. A Wedding Planner transforms the feel of the venue by using flowers to different elements. Consider color palette, shape, size, flower types.  Flowers can be used almost everywhere – cake, backdrop, centerpieces… you can even use it as a hair accessory (Anushka Sharma’s hair style)

Anushka's Wedding hair style

Flowers in your Hair

Incorporate fresh flowers into your hairstyle or those of your bridesmaids to really make a statement at your Wedding. Floral crowns are trendy, inexpensive and can serve as the ideal finishing touch for rustic, outdoor ceremonies.  If a floral crown isn’t your style, try a single flower/flower stem / Baby’s breath to add an extra dose of glamour to your wedding hair.

Flowers for hair

Flower Bouquet

Your bouquet is probably one of the first exciting things that you will see for the first time on your wedding day. This is the most important arrangement to nail down in a White Wedding or Christian Wedding. it’s easily the most photographed floral piece in your whole wedding.


Grooms and groomsmen can use flower buds or full blooms as buttonholes. It adds a pop of color to the groom’s attire and looks refreshing. This is ideal for a day wedding.

Floral Bouqet
Floral Button hole

Entrance Decoration

Consider decorating the entrance to your ceremony site to welcome guests and set the tone for your wedding. Options include, floral arches, wreathes on the doors or gates, large urn arrangements as statement pieces outside or just inside the doors, floral arches over the door, or column collars.

Flowers for Entrance


Don’t just welcome your guests. Welcome them with flowers! That extra touch on your signage lets guests know that you care enough to add all the details that day! Small touches like this are what makes weddings special and unique!

Flowers for Signage

Flowers for the Bridal Entrance

White phoolon ki chaadar with fresh flowers around for entrance of bride.  You can go for something similar or a floral umbrella for your bridal entry.

Flower for bridal entry

Flowers for Aisle

Flower arrangements on either side of the aisle either placed in Vintage lanterns or Glass Jars. It frames the aisle and makes for a great photograph.  Flower displays on Roman Pillars at the starting of the Aisle and end of the Aisle also gives an elegant look.

Flowers for Aisle
Flower for Aisle

Floral Mandap

Mandap is one place where most of your important rituals take place.  Mandaps embellished with various floral elements can leave anyone mesmerised. They not only add a romantic touch to weddings but help create a scenic appeal in your pictures as well.

Flowers for Mandap
Petals in cones for Blessings

Flower Petals for Guests to throw

Consider handing out paper cones of flower petals to guests so that they can shower the Bride and Groom during the ceremony. Petals can also be showered while they walk back down the aisle as husband and wife.  Guest tossing petals are used for the grand wedding exit. This makes a memorable photo op.  Use Flowers Instead of Confetti

Flowers for Chairs

Flowers cleverly placed along chairs are a lovely addition to wedding décor, especially rustic ceremonies taking place in the great outdoors. Simply string them along a wrapped wire and drape them across the back of chairs for a gorgeous setting that will appear stunning in photographs.

Flowers for Chair

Floral Photobooth

You can use a Floral Wreath as a photo booth to get your couple shoot and for guests.  It can also be used as a Wedding backdrop or couple area.

Floral Wreath for Photobooth
Table Display flowers

Table Displays

These are the main attraction when it comes to reception flowers. Your guests are sitting in front of these all night.  Consider size and scent as well as aesthetic as they will be looked at throughout your reception. We encourage couples to spend a little more on Table Displays because of this.

Essentially, flowers can be used anywhere and everywhere in a wedding. They will leave a long-lasting impression and will be memorialized forever in the wedding photographs. Whether it florals on the table as centrepieces or runners, canopies hanging over your tables, or florals on the backs of your chairs, table decor is a terrific way to use flowers on your wedding day! Work with your florist to create a space that really ties in your wedding theme here.

I hope this has inspired you to explore even more ways you can incorporate flowers throughout your entire wedding day!

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