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I’m always in complete awe of what the world has to offer and the different wedding destinations couples choose for their wedding abroad.

Let’s face it, if you’re planning on getting married abroad destination is key! The destination you choose is what will make your wedding unique and stand out from the crowd!

But how do you choose the wedding destination abroad that’s right for you?


Truthfully, I think it just boils down to research (this type is much more exciting than a school project!) and there really is no substitute for it. When doing your research, have a look at the factors I have listed below as these may help to steer you in the right direction.

Factors to take into consideration when choosing your wedding destination:

Indian Wedding Goa

 ✓ The setting you would like for your wedding – historic, exotic, seaside, countryside etc.

✓ The cultural experience you would like you and your guests to have – a holiday in the sun, a trek through the jungle, gourmet delight etc.

✓ The style of wedding you would like to have – traditional, informal etc.

✓ The climate you would like for your wedding day.

✓ The time of year you would like your wedding to take place in – what will the weather conditions be like at that time of year? Is it peak holiday season?

✓ The average cost to get married in a particular country.

✓ How easy it is to plan a wedding in a particular country – could you plan your own wedding, would you have to use a Wedding Planner?

✓ The legal and residency requirements for getting legally married in a particular country.

✓ The size of the wedding you would like to have – is it important for you to be surrounded by family and friends on your wedding day or do you want an intimate affair? Remember, how far your guests will have to travel will affect how many people will be able to attend.


This section provides additional information to help you choose the perfect wedding destination abroad.

Wedding Destinations – INDIA

Goa Wedding Planner

Destination Wedding in Goa Along with the sun, sea and swaying palms, Goa is known for its hospitality and rich ...
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Wedding Destinations – Asia & Africa



Destination Weddings in Malaysia From the tea growing highlands to the divine beaches, from high energy cities to remote ...
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Sri- lanka

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Destination Indian Weddings in Thailand This destination has a natural asset in breathtaking scenery, featuring spectacular green mountains, white sandy ...
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Destination Weddings in Seychelles The Republic of Seychelles is counted to be one of the best kept secrets on Earth ...
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Zanzibar Island

Destination Indian Weddings in Zanzibar This is an up-coming international holiday destination and we decided to promote this destination to ...
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Destination Indian Wedding in Mauritius Mauritius is the perfect all-year-round destination for your Indian Wedding. It is an exotic “Island ...
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Destination Indian Wedding in Dubai  Looking for an Indian Wedding Planner in Dubai? With its record-breaking buildings, east-meets-west culture, and ...
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Indian Wedding in Lake Como

Lake Como

Destination Indian Wedding in Lake Como Lake Como is generally for couples who want to marry in a magical Italian ...
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