Ideas to host an Intimate Wedding in this Pandemic

Intimate Wedding in The Pandemic

18 Aug Ideas to host an Intimate Wedding in this Pandemic

We understand how heart-breaking it is to have to postpone, cancel or downsize your wedding due to COVID-19 . The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the wedding industry incredibly hard. Venues are closing, vendors are going out of business, and couples are struggling to reschedule or even cancel their weddings.  Many couples have had to rethink, postpone and re-envision how their wedding plans will be carried out & when. Here are Ideas to host an Intimate Wedding in this Pandemic

Hosting an intimate wedding is not always associated with a modest affair. Sometimes the privacy and exclusivity that an intimate wedding has to offer is an ideal way to celebrate a meaningful wedding with only the close people present to bless the couple.

Destination Wedding

If you always wanted to a host a Destination wedding an intimate wedding is your best chance. There is no doubt that a shorter guest list is easier to round up.  Getting your near and dear ones on board for a micro-wedding, and coordinating the travel plans is easier. A bigger list of people need a lot more hectic planning.

Intimate Wedding Mandap


Pick open areas which can accommodate your guests easily. From open lawns to terrace- choose a location which can be converted into your intimate wedding space without much effort.  A stunning venue on the top of the hill, a heritage site or a beach you adore might not allow more than a certain number of people and an intimate wedding is the key to hosting the wedding of your dreams without any hassle.

Personalised Invites

In the case of intimate weddings, you can spend more time in designing elaborate cards and actually experiment with handwritten templates or handmade envelopes to personalise it for the guests to feel even more close and special.

Surprise Your Guests With Wedding Favors

Your wedding celebration can become a sweet reminder of gratitude and love for your guests if you surprise them with some cute wedding favors. Not only will they appreciate the creativity in you but also will prove how much you love your guests.

Décor Simple and Memorable

Just because it’s a smaller celebration doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful, impactful décor. You can plan your wedding decor in a more detailed manner when it is an intimate wedding. The decor in a more spread out wedding venue is not the same as that of an intimate wedding where more focus lies at one place. Hence we could do bangle decoration, umbrella décor, dream catcher decor and candle décor for tables.

If you are hosting a small wedding at your home terrace or garden, make sure to lit it up using fairy lights. Mirchi lights including some scented candles for tables will make your space all dramatic and impactful.

Dream Catcher decor
Bangle decor for a Wedding function

Think about safe seating during ceremony

Social distancing is uppermost, even at a micro wedding, so it’s important to consider a setup that will allow guests to have their own space. Our experts love a ceremony in the round for that reason. “A ceremony in the round seating style includes all the guests that are present but still give them enough distance to stay safe. If you’re planning a lives tream for guests who couldn’t be present, this setup makes it easy for a videographer to capture the ceremony without obstructing anyone’s view.

Round seating arrangement for Wedding

Reception Table Card Ideas

Table place card ideas are an upcoming trend for Indian weddings. To make your wedding seating a flawless one, table cards are a go-to option. However, instead of printing out the name cards, you can create unique stationery for your wedding name cards and table cards. Make your own cut-outs and maybe even add little personalised notes for each guest at their seats.

 Include Personalized Food Menu

Instead of planning a four-course meal, you can upgrade to an indulgent seven-course meal with a variety of appetisers and snacks doing their rounds on the table.  You can even invite your guests for a wedding cum “Potluck” party and make your wedding feast all big and grand with lots of new dishes to try.

 Personalised Wedding Games

It’s time to go back in the 90’s and take some inspirations from the much loved Bollywood movies. Plan those old school wedding games which are much loved by our dadis, nanis and all the oldies of the house to the little ones and make the most of your wedding celebration. It’s a great idea of setting up lawn games properly spaced out.

Have A Virtual Wedding

Well, take inspiration from the recent virtual weddings where the couples took the route of popular social media channels including Facebook and Instagram live. The Zoom App weddings are equally in trend. All you have to do is to send out digital invites to your entire wedding guest list and ask them to join you virtually at your wedding.

Virtual Wedding

There’s something special about intimate weddings. Not only are they less stressful and easy to plan but also gives you a perfect opportunity to make your guests feel extra special. Plus, you get to save a lot of time and money.  Even if it is an intimate wedding, get in touch with the professional wedding planners to make the wedding as per your dream and the planning process stress-free.  Your planners will take care of sanitization and thermal scanners so that all the norms are followed.

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