How to create your Wedding Hashtag

28 Aug How to create your Wedding Hashtag

Hashtags came to Twitter in 2007, with the first wedding hashtag created shortly after in 2008. Since then, hashtags have spread from Twitter to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other websites.  With the rise of social media, wedding hashtags are being used across different platforms and for various purposes. Wedding hashtags have also become worldwide, growing even more popular in the last few years for their many uses. Here are ideas how to create your Wedding Hashtag.

Wedding Hashtag is an integral part of the wedding nowadays for a family that is tech-savvy and loves to use social media. If a majority of your family members are on social media, then creating wedding hashtags for your wedding is one of the first things you should start doing.

Indian Weddin Hashtag

Names – Mix and Match

Start with your first, last or nicknames as this will make your #hashtag personal and easier for the guests to remember. This is a great starting step. Look at combinations of your first names or last names or a mix of first and last names.  Naveet and Soniya just did that.  She is a Punjabi and his last name was bali, put together their hashtag became #SONIyeBALIye.

Use of Surname Creatively

to include your surnames in a hashtag would most likely be totally unique.  It can be funny or romantic. #ILovePuris, #HappilyEverGuptas and #McBrideToBe are few ideas to inspire you.

Make Sure its Unique

This is the MOST important step. Before making it official, check popular social media accounts to make sure it hasn’t been used before. If it’s already there, rethink and rework on it.

Keep it short

A lengthy hashtag is hard to remember and type. If you have a long name that’s often misspelled, try keeping it short or using a nickname in your hashtag.  Like Apoorva and Arjun who decided to use their first two letter together for a Hashtag with ApArPyaar!

Use of Number

If you like a hashtag but it’s already taken, try adding a number to the beginning or at the end to make it unique.

Cute Wedding Hashtag

If you’re looking for a more romantic hashtag to accompany your wedding photos, look no further. There are plenty of cute wedding hashtags you can use, sure to warm hearts and spread the love. Choose from these options or any classic wedding phrases for happy couples, and work your own names in if you want a more personalised hashtag







Polish Up Your Wedding Hashtag

Capitalise the first letter of each word you use to bring some clarity to it. Otherwise, it can look really cluttered and become hard to understand.

Spread your Wedding Hashtag Around

Now when you are done with finding the perfect hashtag, it’s time to get the  #hashtag out to your guests and making sure they use it. Add your hashtag to the wedding invites, wedding website, social media accounts, and save-the-date. You can also use it at the wedding as signboards, welcome boards, on your photo booth, props, table mats, and menu cards.

Also ask your friends to add that #hashtag to the wedding photos while posting on social media. This also enables you to see the wedding highlights that you’ve missed at your own wedding.  Highlights like your cousins dance at the time of baraat, your friends taking selfies with your photobooth and more.

You can use various websites like e wedding, shutterfly online to get rhyming words related to your surname to create wedding hashtags accordingly.  You can create different hashtags for different events like the Bachelor’s party or Cocktails, but there has to be one single hashtag that goes everywhere. Pick a ship name that rings well to the ears. Or simply use your short nicknames. Your wedding hashtags don’t necessarily need to be complicated. Just put your heart and soul to it and definitely use humour to make it work.

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