How to choose your Wedding Venue

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01 Jul How to choose your Wedding Venue

A successful wedding celebration depends upon the choices you make. In between tons of things, you are required to filter the ‘wedding venue.’ The wedding venue is the most crucial element which requires careful attention. A beach wedding in Goa is a dream for many couples planning a destination wedding in India. Goa has a lot going for it compared to other destination wedding locations in India. However how to choose your venue is important.

Before you start researching wedding venues, organise a sit-down chat with your other half, in which you brainstorm ideas for your wedding day and decide on the kind of party you want to throw.  So, if you’ve decided to host your wedding ceremony and reception in Goa, here are some points how to choose your Wedding Venue

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Talk to your Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner will assist you in selecting the right venue for your budget, the guest count and your taste in locations. As they are the people with years of experience planning destination weddings in Goa.  The specialists will help you book the venue at the most affordable rates. You will be provided with a tailor-made solution as per your requirements.

Choose a Venue that Aligns your Vision

This might seem obvious, but seek out venues that fit the aesthetic you have in mind.  Choosing a venue that fits in with (and enhances) your theme will enable your wedding to feel more connected to the space. By having a destination wedding at a scenic beach location, you can save on the décor requirements. For a place like Goa, the beach can be the backdrop for your wedding. Goa, has many options for star resorts. These resorts can not only host larger weddings with multiple venue choices within the resorts, but most are also attached to a beach, and so your wedding can be held by the beach.

Vision in mind

Vision in mind

Vision in mind

Make your Guest List

Since it’s an outstation wedding, keep your guest list short and sweet with just close friends, family and relatives as you will be bearing their costs. Always check for a venue based on the number of guests you expect. It’s best to book a venue that can accommodate all your guests, instead of having guests scattered over multiple hotels. Makes for a fun time overall.  If you have a large guest list, find out what is the maximum capacity of all the venues you have shortlisted. The one that accommodates the most number of people may be an ideal choice; irrespective of the one you like the best.

Venue Visit

Venue visit

Make a Trip before Wedding

When planning your wedding budget, plan for at least two trips to Goa. On your first trip, you can visit venues either on your own or with the help of a planner and book your chosen wedding venue. If you’re doing this on your own, plan for at least 4 to 5 days.  If your Wedding Planner is helping you with venue options, discuss the pros and cons of each Wedding and shortlist the venues you would like to visit.

Inclusions in Venue package

Check the inclusions in the package for example tables, chairs, linen, napkins, cutlery etc. Get an idea of the various packages that the wedding venue can offer and which suits you best.


Food and Drinks

Deciding upon the Venue and cost of hiring venue, food and drinks form the second largest component.  To calculate cost of Food, you must decide upon how many simple buffet Lunches/Dinners are you hosting and how many events are you planning for a Gala Dinner

Food and Drinks

Check for backup plans

Backup plans make an event better even under irregularities. Over the last few years one significant fact to be observed is the unreliability of the weather in Goa. People usually avoid a monsoon wedding; however we have had traces of monsoons in summer and winter as well. For the sake of playing it safe, it is best to go in for venues that have an indoor and outdoor option or; at least an outdoor venue where certain portions are covered where the major aspects of a wedding can be carried out. Also arranging extra food, additional rooms etc.

Do you have to choose from your supplier list?

For your wedding party you need to know if you can hire your own entertainment, decorator or if you have to work from a specific list. Sometimes you have specific designs and themes and would not like to work with the list of suppliers given by venue.

 Celebrating an occasion today is not as simple as it used to be before. Today, everyone likes to celebrate functions in special ways, very often trying to have unique elements incorporated along the way.  For all of this a beautiful venue adds value.

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