How to choose your Wedding DJ

03 Jun How to choose your Wedding DJ

Worried how to choose your Wedding DJ?  Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding, a destination wedding on beach side or a more traditional wedding at a local reception hall, a DJ can give your wedding celebration the ending that caps off your special day. Choosing your Wedding DJ  is one most important decision you can make to insure the success of your event.

Every wedding day has a soundtrack of its own—from the walk down the aisle to the first dance, the bouquet toss to your final farewell, music helps set the tone for the entire day… which is why your DJ has such an important role.

Even if everything else is perfect, without good music your function could be a big disaster!

Some tips to help you how choose your Wedding DJ :

# Personality – Talk to the DJ Personally

The simplest way to discover whether you will want to work with a DJ is to talk to them. during any correspondence, be it in person or over the phone, you can get a feel for whether the DJ is a good business person, has a can-do attitude and is someone you can get along with…

The DJ you are looking for will be expected to connect with a whole room of strangers, surely they will be able to connect to one, you, over the phone!

# Flexibility

Can the DJ provide a variety of music, artists and genres. Playing at weddings requires the DJ to leave their ego at home and play to the needs of the crowd.  Alongside the ability to work the crowd (and handle potentially rowdy guests), there will often be many additional requirements when performing at a wedding.  DJ’s need to be flexible and best attitude to requests.

At the very least, they should be able to read a room to see which songs are hitting and which are falling flat.  “DJing is about the exchange of emotion between the DJ and his or her crowd…

# Experience

Take note of how long a wedding DJ has been in the business; experienced DJs will have extensive knowledge about timings, equipment and logistics and clients should feel that they are in safe hands. An experienced wedding DJ will know exactly how to read the room, meet your needs and get the dance floor pumping, including encouraging the guests who are hesitant to get up and out of their chair. Experience matters. Not longevity in the business, but experience related directly to your type of event.

Ask questions like “how long have you been doing weddings?” Or “how many weddings do you typically do per year?”

# Equipment

Ask whether they own their own equipment, and what back units they will have on hand. Real DJ’s love sound and lighting equipment you’ve never heard of and they love talking about it. If they’re blathering on about audio brands you’ve never seen in your living room, you’re on the right track. Every DJ should have a backup plan in case of emergencies, even if it’s contracting with another DJ company to provide backup.

# Professionalism

Does your Prospective DJ offer a written agreement?

Two most important factors: reliable and on time.  As with all vendors, you should get a contract. This ensures the professionalism of your Wedding DJ. A legal contract is important to protect your investment and make clear the Wedding DJ’s responsibility and commitment to your Wedding Day. This includes arrival and set up times, the length of the event.

# Ask how they get the crowd going

If you want your DJ to be really involved in making your reception fun, make sure to ask about how they engage a crowd. Some important questions to ask:

How does the DJ get people dancing if they seem reluctant?

Will they accept requests from guests?

Is the DJ willing to also act as an emcee and make announcements?

# Ask to hear samples of the wedding DJ’s work

Once you’ve found a DJ or two that seems right for your wedding, ask to see examples of their work. This could be a video of a live performance, a mixtape, or sample playlists. The more important to you the quality of the music is, the more you should see and hear before hiring. Ask if they have video clips of other weddings they’ve worked so you can get a feel of what they’re like “on stage.”

# Budget – How much is this going to cost?

Hiring the most expensive DJ does not necessarily mean you are getting the right one. you’re likely to have a budget for your wedding entertainment and it’s important that you stick to it. However, it’s just as important to remember that you get what you pay for. Ask around and choose a DJ who has a good reputation but doesn’t charge way too much or far too little.

Empathy is important, as is feeling confident about your DJ. Hope this brief helps you to more easily identify what you are looking for.  A DJ plays one of the central roles in an event. They have to be just right. Hiring a wedding DJ is one decision that makes a huge impact on your big day. So much of your wedding day—from the ceremony to the reception—hinges on having the perfect atmosphere to set the mood. The wrong DJ can easily kill that vibe with the wrong song selection, a misspoken word, or a missed opportunity.

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