Get your colours for your Wedding

Colours for Wedding

10 Aug Get your colours for your Wedding

Creating a beautiful wedding requires careful consideration and a whole lot of planning. While planning your Wedding along with the Lehenga colour, Make up etc. your colour scheme for your wedding décor is also a wedding essential! For some of you colour scheming may seem like a challenging task and this can be discussed with your Wedding Planners.  However, it can in fact be very fun in that it portrays tradition, culture and personality.  I have put down how to choose your colours for your Wedding.

Besides the joy of having guests join you on your day, weddings are a personal experience for the couple and the family, so you want a colour scheme that you will remember. So, let’s get straight into these 6 tips I have for you on how to choose colours for your wedding décor.

Think Aesthetically

Firstly, and probably the most obvious one to consider is to ensure the colour scheme coincides with your outfit. For example traditional Indian wear is a red and gold lehenga, therefore opt for colours that compliment your outfit.

North Indian Wedding Attire colour

Now we all know that outfit colours differ depending on ones’ culture and tradition. Whilst red and gold are colours sported across North India, places such as South India at a Kerala wedding you will find the bride traditionally sporting a white saree; therefore take some inspiration from your outfit colour, experiment and go wild.

Personal Preference

Secondly, consider your own personal preference – select colours that appeal to you, that reflect you as a person. Some couples have a favourite colour that immediately comes to mind when they think of their special day. It is always a good idea to stick with colours you both like. To discover your favourite colour or colour schemes, look to your wardrobe and decorating style for inspiration. Indulge in uniqueness, this is your wedding, perhaps taking inspiration from your favourite Star Plus drama. After all who wouldn’t want a fairy-tale experience?

Summer Season colours


A great way to choose your wedding colours is to take inspiration from the season you are getting married. For example, if you’re saying “I do” in the spring, you could look to light pastel colours for inspiration. Consider the season and weather you are getting married. If in summer, then there’s often blistering heart, therefore consider bright colours. Just like your wardrobe, your wedding colour scheme can be inspired by the time of year you’re saying “I do.” Think about the shade you want to use to bring out the season in your colour palette.

However something to be aware of is the fact that colours tend to reflect mood, for example black within the Indian culture is considered inauspicious, therefore to go ahead and use black as your wedding décor may be misinterpreted, now of course we wouldn’t want that. Weddings are happy, joyous occasions therefore consider colours that reflect a fun mood. Essentially, ladies there are no right or wrong answer, the world is your oyster, the colour palette is your inspiration.

What’s your wedding style?

Pinpointing your wedding style or theme is also an essential step when choosing your wedding colours. Just like seasons, some wedding colours are best suited for specific styles.  Once you’ve chosen your wedding style, you can do a process of elimination to help decide which colours will be the best fit.  Traditional Indian weddings include a range of other pre wedding ceremonies like Mehendi, Sangeet and Haldi. Therefore the colour of your wedding décor can depend on the event, with the many ceremonies leading up to the wedding day you can decide to have several different colours for your wedding decor or one reoccurring colour scheme throughout.


Wedding style

Consider your venue

If you have decided on a destination wedding in Goa, you could pick colours that reflect the l environment. Consider pastel colours like, pink, peach, purple, and blue. Alternatively, if you are getting married at a vineyard, greens, purples, and blues would look beautiful. Consider the natural colour hues found within the surrounding environment and use them in your wedding colour scheme.

Think: Trendy

Consider current bridal fashion trends and use them for fashion inspiration. There are always certain colour schemes and wedding décor trending at different points throughout the year. Maybe one of these trends could be exactly what you are looking for. Look at the magazines, attend wedding shows, and even look at Bollywood trends. Everyone has their own style so be sure to flaunt yours and add a touch of it onto any current trends to perhaps create your own.

Trendy colours

Let’s end on an alternative solution for all you brides to be. If you want to be less traditional try exploring the world of pastel colours or even westernise the colour scheme. Even if this is slightly out of your comfort zone, give it a go and you may be surprised by what you find. I hope these tips have helped in your selection of colours for your wedding décor, and I hope you have an amazing wedding.

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