Cost of a Destination Indian Wedding in Dubai

24 Apr Cost of a Destination Indian Wedding in Dubai

Today, tying the knot at an exotic destination with your closest friends and family all being there to celebrate the joyous occasion with you has become an increasing trend with couples all over the world. Destination weddings give you and your guests a chance to take a holiday and experience another culture, not to mention it can also double as a honeymoon destination.  Here’s how much a Destination Indian Wedding in Dubai would cost you.

When planning a destination wedding at an overseas location, the most important factors that come into play are flight connectivity, number of people on your guest list and the type of property you opt for. The latter two factors playing a crucial role in your budgeted expenditures. Indian weddings in Dubai are quite popular as of the last few years because of the proximity as well as the luxury wedding venues available there. It is conveniently located between  Europe, Africa and Asia, which makes it an easily accessible location for guests coming from all over the world.

With its record-breaking buildings, east-meets-west culture, and glittering coastline, Dubai has made a name for itself as a top travel destination. It is considered as a city that has it all from magical sand dunes, stunning mosques, white-sand beaches, shimmering city lights and luxurious resorts. With so much to offer, Dubai inevitably has become a coveted location for destination weddings with its plethora of Arabian-style themes, countless one-of-a-kind venues to have on your big day!

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Break-down of Costs (50 Lakhs to 1 crore)

Although Dubai is a fantastic option for a destination wedding, it does come with a hefty price tag. The average cost of a wedding in Dubai ranges from anywhere between Rs. 50 lakhs to Rs. 100 lakhs. If you are wondering why such a big range, it actually comes down to your choice and below is breakdown of the cost of a Destination Wedding in Dubai.

A destination wedding doesn’t always mean an extravagant affair. This cost can be brought down by capitalising on hotel packages and amenities, slashing the guest list, choosing cheaper décor, and shopping during off-seasons.  The best time to get married in Dubai being anytime during the months of October to April, as the weather is pleasant during this period.  We have taken an average cost whilst planning your destination wedding in Dubai.

Pleasant weather

Flight tickets

As mentioned before, Dubai is conveniently located in between European, African and Asian continents which make for shorter flight time durations and affordable airfares. The connectivity between a few major cities and Dubai are listed below :

  • Mumbai – Direct flights from Mumbai Intl airport starting from 18,600 INR (3.30 hours travel time)
  • Delhi – Direct flights from Delhi Intl airport @ 26,000 INR (3.30 hours travel time)
  • U.K – Direct flights from London Airports (Gatwick & Heathrow) @ 38,925 INR onwards (7.30 hours travel time)
  • Nairobi – Direct flights from Jomo Kenyatta airport @ 24,400 INR onwards (5 hours travel time)
  • Toronto – Direct flight from Pearson Airport @ Rs. 49,000 (13.30 hours travel time)

Hotel Accommodation 

5-star hotel properties offer rooms at INR 25K – 35K + tax per night on an average during the wedding season, whilst 4-star hotels price their rooms at INR 18K – 25K + tax per night during the same period. These rates are inclusive of Continental meal plan. Some hotels even provide room rates with Half-board and Full-board meal plans, which could bring your overall accommodation costs down.

Venue charges 

Venue charges range from Rs. 45000 to Rs 2 lakhs per event depending on venue, whether it is a banquet hall or beach or lawn and, of course, the chosen hotel. A lot of venues apply minimum spend instead of hiring fees. This might not be ideal for a smaller wedding 20-50 people. However, there are some hotels that are ready to waive or adjust this amount.

The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina – Mina Garden

Food Rates

When choosing your meal options, opt for buffet meals rather than sit down lunches/dinners or set menus as it comes with a better deal. Dinner cost per person on an average ranges between 5,000 – 8,000 INR + tax in 5 star hotels (depending on the venue). So if you were to have a 2 day wedding with 4 meals (2 lunches + 2 dinners) for 100 pax, your estimated food costing would be upwards of Rs. 20 lakhs. Hotels offer room rates on a Continental meal plan so breakfast is included in the room rates.


The cost of décor would depend on how extravagant you’d like it to be. However, with flowers being a very expensive item in Dubai, you could estimate your décor budget per function to be anywhere upwards of Rs. 4 lakh. A tip that could help you cut costs would be to try and play around with other décor items like lighting and colourful/DIY props. Another suggestion that will still let you save on floral arrangement is using on-season blooms. Your wedding planner can assist you with more information in this aspect.

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The above prices are only meant to be indicative for you to get a general idea. These can go up for better options, and also down for hotels in a 3 to 4 star category. The best way to ensure a smooth, stress-free planning process wherein you are always in the know-how of all the necessary and relevant information. When it comes to organising your wedding in Dubai is by bringing an experienced destination wedding planner on board that you can entrust the entire process with.

We do hope you have found the above information to be a useful starting point for planning your Indian wedding in Dubai. Tell us your budget and we can work around it. If you are keen to chat with us and get some more details on a Dubai Wedding cost, please do feel free to contact us. we will get back to you to pre-schedule a date and time for a chat.

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